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Vaginal Dryness Solution! We’ve all been here

SCG Tip of the Month!! Ladiessss Ladies Ladies!!! (And My MEN TOO) if you are or have suffered from Vaginal Dryness OKRA! Yes OKRA is a remedy and cure heaven sent. It’s a natural remedy to A few Vaginal and Uterine issues that may arise. one Thing I do know is it’s perfect for “vaginal dryness” and also “toning“ of the vagina/ Uterus

Plus it Works in hours Of consumption!!

So eat up your Okra Ladies and Gentlemen!💚💚💚

Ways you can use okra:

Cut a small hand full adding it to a juice

Sauté cut up a hand full of Okra season to Louie liking

Grill Okra

cut Up and ad to Salads (Eaten Raw)

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