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Stress Relief “TEA BATHS” Detox Aromatherapy Relax Release

Updated: Jan 24

To My Spotted Readers and Customers "we've all been there" is what I will often say when it comes to life , all it's challenges and our stress induced environments we cope with on a daily basis.

Here are some great add on suggestions for your detox aromatherapy "TEA BATHS" or A Simple 20 minute Stress Relieving Bath

Happy Bathing 🛁

🔴1 TEA BATH Blend (Ingredients in Product description) comes with 2 5x7 Tea Pouches

🔴ADD ONs: to elavate and enhance your bath session

Carrier Oils: Extra Virgin Olive oil (Softens skin, Spiritual enhancement)

Raw Organic Coconut oil (Skin Nutrient )

🔴Essential Oils (Keep it simple because of unnatural oils on the market)




Peppermint (6drops

Eucalyptus (6drops


🔴 Magnesium oil (for assistance in muscle pain/discomfort relief and healing)


🔴Clay: Red or White Clay


🔴Florida Water ( Spiritual Enhancement)

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